Places I visited before lock-down part 2

Picture this: turquoise crystal-clear waters, the sound of waves crashing the shore, laying in a hammock hung between two palm trees, while sipping on a chilled piña colada…

Now snap out of it, there isn’t such a picturesque beach like this that I have ever been to, however I love the beaches that we do have here. I usually try to go before dawn so I can enjoy seeing the sunrise.

On this particular morning, I spotted a starfish slowly making its way further into the sea. I took the opportunity to take some amazing photos, of which I am sharing one in this post.

Another moment that made this trip memorable was when I was walking on the bridge and saw the sun peeking through the railing. I also saw a cat sitting calmly on the bridge and was not scared or bothered at all with my presence, as it was engrossed in chowing down a fish.

Soon I had to return home as it was getting too hot. On the way to the car I noticed these aligned trees, which looked really nice. I also took a picture of the Kuwait towers with its reflection in the water.

Places I visited before lock-down part 1

In today’s post I will be sharing with you all, a serene and peaceful place I had visited before the world turned into ‘you know what’! I will try my best not to use the very word everyone is more than tired of hearing about.
Before I begin, I hope and pray everyone is doing fine.

The very first place I would like to share with you all is the Aquamarine Exotic Farm Company, located in Al-Rai area. This place was fun to visit as it contains many exotic, beautiful and mesmerizing saltwater and freshwater fish, in addition to the colorful corals.

The place is huge, and I was really impressed with how well the store was laid out. I had not seen so many varieties of fish since I had visited the aquarium at the Scientific Center.

I enjoyed watching the koi fish since their movement is fascinating. Another thing that I liked was the blue tang fish (aka Dory) and the clown fish (aka Nemo), which reminded me of the cartoon, Finding Nemo.

Koi fish
Blue tang and clown fish

Another fish that caught my attention was this very peculiar looking fish with its translucent body and a highlighter/neon colored back. I have no idea what it is called and searched all over the internet for its name, so if you know what it is called, please share it with me in the comments.

For anyone out there who takes pleasure in admiring nature and all of its beauty with the numerous weird or cute looking fish, I highly recommend visiting this place, and who knows you might even end up buying a fish or two on your way out!


Greetings one and all! I know you have been looking forward to seeing more posts from me – so here is a fresh post just for you 😊.
There has been a lot of negative news going around regarding the Corona virus (or Covid-19), so I thought I would write about something much brighter: Spring!

We are now past the winter season, and that means the flowers are blooming, the grass is becoming greener, and the sky is clearer.
I like this period in Kuwait, especially since the climate is much better now and it is rather pleasant outside. In a few months, the weather will become quite hot, so this is the ideal time to spend outdoors – so I went out and took some really nice photos, which you can see below. Enjoy!

A beautiful peach colored flower in full bloom
Lilac colored flowers on the sidewalk
An orange and black butterfly enjoying the Spring sunshine
A purple Bougainvillea

Internship at Kuwait Airways

Alhamdulillah!! At last, after going to 11 companies in only three days, I landed a place for internship at Kuwait Airways as a public relations student, and the experience so far has been great.

Some of the things I have done so far are:
– Editing images from different online newspapers related to Kuwait Airways, and uploading them to the Kuwait Airways website.
– Archiving photos of events in their central database.
– Supporting with translating documents from Arabic to English.

I expect that I will be doing more work in the next few weeks and get a better understanding of a real work environment in public relations.

Kuwait Airways Corporate Office

Audio Story

A few days ago, I had the opportunity to interview a British national, Mr. Abdul Aziz, who was in Kuwait during the Iraqi invasion. He hardly came back to Kuwait from the UK after finishing his first year of studies when a week later, the Iraqi invasion of Kuwait had taken place.
Listen to his story about how he was caught up in the war, and how he managed to escape from the country.

Interview with Mr. Abdul Aziz

Collectors Exhibition

The following pictures were taken from an exhibition held at Kuwait University – College of Arts, on the 17th and 18th of February 2020. It showcased people’s personal collections that have been gathered over the years. They were happy to share these with the students to show a little part of history, particularly as it is close to the National Holidays.

An entrance to the exhibition. In this picture I used vignette in order to achieve the blackened borders that leads you to look at the flags that are neatly organized.
An original newspaper dated back to 1912. Similar to the previous picture I used the medium vignette in order to give the newspaper a vintage look.
A blue and yellow macaw. Edited using Lightroom to enhance the colors using high contrast.

My experience in creating the blog

Since the very first class I had attended during this course I realized that this will be a rather fun and interesting course as opposed to the regular theoretical subjects that we usually have, having said that this subject involves a lot of creativity and hard work in order to produce a successful and engaging blog.

Due to this being my initial blog I think it took me longer than I anticipated in order to complete it, which was four days. However, I enjoyed the experience and now motivated to continue blogging.