Audio Story

A few days ago, I had the opportunity to interview a British national, Mr. Abdul Aziz, who was in Kuwait during the Iraqi invasion. He hardly came back to Kuwait from the UK after finishing his first year of studies when a week later, the Iraqi invasion of Kuwait had taken place.
Listen to his story about how he was caught up in the war, and how he managed to escape from the country.

Interview with Mr. Abdul Aziz

Collectors Exhibition

The following pictures were taken from an exhibition held at Kuwait University – College of Arts, on the 17th and 18th of February 2020. It showcased people’s personal collections that have been gathered over the years. They were happy to share these with the students to show a little part of history, particularly as it is close to the National Holidays.

An entrance to the exhibition. In this picture I used vignette in order to achieve the blackened borders that leads you to look at the flags that are neatly organized.
An original newspaper dated back to 1912. Similar to the previous picture I used the medium vignette in order to give the newspaper a vintage look.
A blue and yellow macaw. Edited using Lightroom to enhance the colors using high contrast.

My experience in creating the blog

Since the very first class I had attended during this course I realized that this will be a rather fun and interesting course as opposed to the regular theoretical subjects that we usually have, having said that this subject involves a lot of creativity and hard work in order to produce a successful and engaging blog.

Due to this being my initial blog I think it took me longer than I anticipated in order to complete it, which was four days. However, I enjoyed the experience and now motivated to continue blogging.