Final Project

After lots of hard-work and dedication from everyone in the team, we managed to complete our final project, which looked at the lives of four people living and working away from home.

We covered aspects of their homesickness, and how this was exacerbated during the Covid crisis. Being away from their loved ones, plus the added burden of financial problems, took an emotional toll on them.

Working on the final project was quite an interesting experience, and one that I learned a lot from.

You can see the final project by clicking here. Be sure to see it and leave your comments below.

My thoughts on this course

In this course, I was supposed to learn how to create a blog. As you can see from the posts in this blog – including this one – I can say with certainty that this is something I learned.

The course was very useful, and I enjoyed creating the blog posts. While preparing content for the blog, I had a chance to learn how to record audios, videos and take interviews. I also learned how to take clear photos and the right way to edit them.

One of the things that made this course so enjoyable is that it is very practical, and I can use what I learned to create a blog. I was very happy to be a part of the group that I was in, as every one of my team members was very helpful and cooperative. Working as part of a group to complete a project, taught me how to work as part of a team, and how to overcome challenges such as convincing others to consider my suggestions, sharing of ideas and tasks, and coordinating with each other to complete the delivery of the project before the due date.

Although the course was supposed to last about 3½ months, due to the pandemic and the stoppage of classes, it has taken almost 9 months. This also affected the way we were able to gather content for the blog, particularly where we had to interview people at their workplaces, as several people we approached were not able to help us due to restrictions imposed by the government to prevent the spread of the Corona virus. Of those people whom we were able to interview, we learned a lot not only about their work, but their background as well, which gave us a personal insight into their lives.

Finally, what I also learned from the course was that blogging can be a very powerful medium to share stories that can be fun, inspiring, educational, emotional, and influential. I hope you enjoyed reading my posts, and that you too have been inspired, educated, and had fun. If so, please let me know how you felt about my blog in the comments below. Perhaps I have convinced you to also make your own blog and share your stories with others!

Updates and Challenges Part 3

With everyone busy preparing for their final exams, there’s barely anytime left for submitting our project. However, we still had to find one last person to interview.

My team-mates had decided to interview an ice-cream seller they found working in the streets. His story about how much he misses his family back home was very emotional, that even when we were looking back on the interview it made all of us cry.

Having taken all the necessary interviews and photos, we are quickly working on completing the final project, by editing everything and making sure that we meet the expectations of our professor this time around.

We will be working on the script for our video today. And I will be working on the Instagram promo for our final project as soon as one of my collogues is done with editing the video.

Al Shaheed Park

After being home-bound for the past three weeks or so, due to many assignments and projects, I finally allowed myself to go out and take a little break.
I decided to go to Al Shaheed Park since it is a very beautiful and calm park with lots of things to see and do.

Many people enjoy going on early morning jogging sessions, but I just wanted to take a stroll. I even happened to bump into a friend that I hadn’t seen in like eight months!
There are lots of sculptures to see there, including the ‘Freedom’, ‘Raising Our Sails’, ‘Map Abstraction’ and a few others.

There are two museums that you could look at; the ‘Thekra Museum’, which focuses on the history of Kuwait and its major battles, and the ‘Habitat Museum’, which focuses on teaching people about the environment and bird migration.
Other things included in the park are a man-made lake and waterfall, restaurants and coffee shops, gift shops, tracks for walking or jogging, and lots of greenery.

They even provide tours and events, so you can enjoy a complete experience of the park.

Below are a few snaps I had taken while there, which I hope you enjoy. Do consider visiting if you haven’t already done so.

Updates and Challenges Part 2

This post is a continuation of my previous post, where I mentioned some of the challenges I faced while making my final project.

My group and I decided to focus solely on foreigners feeling homesick, as they often leave their home countries to earn a living and help their families back home.

Two of my teammates had gone to a silver jeweler and interviewed him, asking about his expertise. They took a lot of stunning pictures of precious and semi-precious stones, plus the process of making jewelry.
Another three of my teammates had gone on Thursday 24 September 2020 to interview an expatriate schoolteacher. She spoke about how every phone call would make her jump and suspect that one of her relatives was struck by Covid and she would never get to see him/ her again.

Part of my task in this group project will be to edit the audio story and help one of my teammates to compose the final video for our project.

Updates and Challenges Part 1

After showing our video story to our professor about the Herb Seller, he told us that it wasn’t what he was expecting from us when we first told him about our idea for the video.
In fact, he seemed kind of disappointed, which made us feel bummed about our video and even a little sad and lost at what our next step for the final project should be.

With his feedback in mind, I suggested many professions that we could interview or photograph for our final project. However, my suggestions were not initially accepted within the group, as the majority had other ideas that seemed to be able to meet our professor’s expectations.

Later on Wednesday 23 September 2020, one of my colleagues happened to have a painter that was working in her house, so she decided to interview him for our project. Incidentally, this was also one of my suggestions.

We are still deciding on what to add in our final project, and which photos and videos we will need to take.

I hope I will be assigned to do more tasks and not just be an idea-giver, as I know that I have the potential to contribute more.

The Herb Seller

Herb sellers have been helping treat various illnesses for generations, using natural herbs and traditional medicines. Many people in Kuwait prefer treating their ailments using these remedies, as they consider that they do not have many of the side effects that users of modern chemical-based medicines suffer from.

Abu Ahmad, an Egyptian herbalist working in Kuwait for over 17 years, has been helping his customers to cure themselves, using concoctions that he has learned to make from his ancestors. He has been in the field for almost 30 years, and according to him, this is a family business that has been handed down over generations.

In the video, we can see him explaining that herbs provide a natural cure. Abu Ahmad is very passionate about his work, and is always willing to share his knowledge to benefit his customers. Watch the video below to hear his story.

My chocolate addiction

Almost everyone in the world likes chocolate, in fact over 80% of people love chocolate. A good quality chocolate must contain cocoa butter and not vegetable oil.

But did you know that chocolate is not just consumed as a confectionery but is also used in cooking. For example, Mexicans use chocolate in making the traditional cuisine known as mole. Mole is a thick, dense sauce. Rich, savory-sweet Mole Negro contains dried chilies, spices, and gets its dark brown, almost black color from a Mexican herb, and lots of dark unsweetened chocolate. It might sound strange or bizarre to those who have always had chocolate as dessert, but for others it is their part of their diet.

As for me, I love to eat chocolates in the sweet form and just to let myself feel less guilty I will mention some of the benefits of dark chocolate:
Potentially lowers blood pressure, decreases bad cholesterol levels, lowers risk of blood clots among other benefits.

Below are some of my favorite chocolate creations 😋

Homemade chocolate cake topped with strawberries
Luscious chocolate cake with icing
Chocolate truffles

Group Project part 2

Continuing from the previous post, my group and I heeded our professor’s advice and decided to focus on foreigners who own small businesses and their emotional and economical struggles due to the pandemic.

I suggested the idea of interviewing a herb seller and we found one that was willing to be interviewed and was happy to let two of my colleagues into his shop on Wednesday 15 Sep 2020. We had to quickly start working on the video as time was running out, however during the process we realized we didn’t have enough video footage. Due to this reason, my colleagues had to go back again the next day to complete the necessary requirements.

I immediately started working on the script for the video and two of my colleagues edited it. In the end it turned out to be wonderful as we all put our time and efforts into it.

Group Project part 1

*This post is an update on our group project*

Group projects are quite challenging as everyone has their own ideas for what is good enough to be chosen.

We spent about a week trying to figure out a topic for our final project, and we finally decided on small businesses. We then took another week to choose a place that would allow us to record them, as many places did not allow us to record them due to the pandemic. Finally, settling on a topic (salons) we decided to tell our professor about it, who wasn’t convinced that it worth pursuing and told us to consider changing the topic.

We soon started looking for salons that would allow us to record them, and after being turned away several times, we manged to get permission to record. On Saturday 12 Sep. 2020, two of us had gone to interview the owner of a salon, and on Sunday 13 Sep. 2020 we worked on the script for our video.
However, after going through all this hassle, we decided against this topic as we realized it didn’t contain any emotions.